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'Serving The Needs of Our Veterans'

And Their Families'

  21-may-11 3:45 PM


DVBE Service Agency #54820




We welcome and are committed to help the veteran and their family members; to receive the appropriate care and referral services that helps them adjust and remain as a critical part of our society. To advocate for the veteran and their families, especially those veterans' who served in armed conflict!

The Veterans Service Outreach Program-VSOP was founded from a direct need and realization that as a community and leader we MUST take better care of our Veterans. We must make certain that the veteran, and their family members especially those who serve in battle that have extraordinary emotional, psychological, social and medical concerns, which their needs are being taken care of. The Veterans Administration along with VSOP and our community can play as a critical failsafe that helps assist in keeping these veterans from falling through the cracks of our society.

Giving Back to Our Veteran